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Basic configuration

Some configurations which are necessary for the basic functions of Apollo.

Invite Apollo to your server:

You have been asked to invite a bot!
Click on the text above to invite Apollo.

Quicksetup some configurations

  • Use a!quicksetup to setup some of the configurations within seconds.

Step 1 - Triggers

This will set g!end, !gend, g!reroll, !greroll astriggers.
You can add/remove triggers using a!trigger add [trigger] or a!trigger remove [trigger].

Step 2 - Win messages

This will set Congratulations, {winner(username)}! You have {claim_time}to claim! as the win message.
You can change it anytime using a!winmsg set [message]. Checkout a!vars to check the variables you can use.

Step 3 - Claim time

This will set 10 seconds to claim for everyone as default. You can add claim time to a role using a!claimtime add [role_id] [time].
Please note that the total claim time of a member will be the SUM of ALL the claim times of each of the member's roles. So if you have a special role to get Members 13 seconds, add 3s claim time to that role. Apollo will calculate 10s (default) + 3s (role claim time).

Step 4 - Final Step

You have to MANUALLY TYPE a!winmsg enable to enable the win message.
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