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In this page, you will learn the basics of claimtime and its usage.

What is claimtime ?

Whenever you host a giveaway using apollo, each user is given a set "claimtime" i.e the time that they have to claim the "set prize". Using apollo's advanced claimtime manager helps you to give extra claim time to set users/roles. In this section we will go through the details of the claimtime.
Please refer to the overrides section if you are not familiar with it as claimtime uses overrides.

Subcommands for the Claimtime Module


This command checks the claimtime for a user or a role. It gives the claimtime for a role and it gives the total claimtime for a user.
Example Of a!claimtime command
Interface for roles
Interface for users

a!claimtime add (a!claimtimeconfig add)

This command adds or updates a specific amount of time (claimtime) to the role mentioned. Use s for seconds, m for minutes and h for hours.
This only works for roles and cannot be set for specific users
Example of the a!claimtime add command

a!claimtime remove (a!claimtimeconfig remove)

This command removes the claimtime set for that particular role. Once this command is used on a role, the whole claimtime is deleted for that specific role completely.
Example of a!claimtime remove command


This command shows the configured claimtime for the roles in the server, however this command only shows the claimtime only for the configured roles as shown below.
Syntax usage:
<> = Required argument (mandatory and must be included)
[] = Optional argument (not necessary to be included)