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In this page, you will learn about greet & welcoming newly joining users.

What are greet messages?

Greet messages enable you to set up messages when a user joins your server. Apollo has a very customisable greeting system, with multiple features to help the user make a greet message of their own choice. The bot also provides some variables you can use to customise your greet message even more.

Sub commands for the Greeter Module


This command either enables or disables greet messages in a particular channel. To enable or disable greet in any other channel just use a!greet <#channel-ID>. If you just use a!greet in the channel you currently are on, it just enables or disables for that particular channel.
greet enabled for current channel
greet disabled for current channel
greet enabled for a different channel
greet disabled for a different channel

a!greet message

This command sets the message to be used when greeting. You can put anything here and get creative by using apollo's various variables. You can set your custom message buy using a!greet message <message>.
Writing a custom welcome/greet message
Message sent by apollo

a!greet delafter

This command sets the time (in seconds) after which the greet message will be deleted.
This command only accepts seconds and not any other time format.

a!greet show

This command shows the configurations that you have set for the greet message, which includes the greet message, greet enabled channels, time after which the greet will be deleted and also a button to test out the greet message !
greet config
testing greet
Syntax usage:
<> = Required argument (mandatory and must be included)
[] = Optional argument (not necessary to be included)