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In this page, you will learn about configuring Apollo within your server.

What is the config command ?

This command is like the main control for your entire server. Once this command is executed, apollo sends all the configurations set in your server. This command shows your triggers, winner messages and giveaway configurations. It also lets you enable webhook mode which is completely customisable like the webhook avatar and username. In short this command is the control panel for your server.

Sub commands (buttons) for the Config Module


Pressing this button will show all the trigger messages that will trigger apollo to send a particular win message. Using this menu you can also add or remove the trigger words.

Win Message

Pressing this button will show the winner message that has been set on the server. This menu also lets you enable/disable the win message. You can also set a text win message or embed win message using this menu.
You may click the variables button to see the different variables that can be added to your message.
list of triggers that can be used for the win message

Giveaway Config

Pressing this button shows the message that apollo sends whenever a giveaway is being hosted. You can change this to your liking from the regular message sent by apollo. Pressing this button also shows the preview of the current embed that has been set for giveaway messages!
replying with a!embed will allow you to edit this message
embed editor
confirmation message with multiple options as you press "finish" on the embed editor shown above
This is a premium feature, to enable it please refer to the premium tab

Webhook Mode

Pressing this button will allow you to enable/disable and edit the webhook that apollo will send for a win message. This feature allows you to use webhooks instead of using the bot to send the winner message.
This is a premium feature, to enable it please refer to the premium tab
Syntax usage:
<> = Required argument (mandatory and must be included)
[] = Optional argument (not necessary to be included)